Lesley has worked with food all her life – from hotel and commercial kitchens to running her own cheese business for twenty years. She started the Horsham Gingerbread Bakehouse in 2013 (the sister company to SaltPans), and firmly believes that the use of quality ingredients, whether in business or in home cooking, are essential for the creation of good food.


‘I love cooking and use two different types of sea salt at home depending on the dish. Regular sea salt belongs in dishes like stews and soups but when I am creating dishes that deserve something better I reach for the delicate flakes of Flor de Sal.’ 


These precious ‘salt flowers’ are recognised as the ‘caviar of salt’ for good reason. In Portugal Flor de Sal is highly prized as a finishing salt and sprinkled over food just before serving to enhance the flavours.


‘The idea of SaltPans began when I was busy cooking at home and as usual added a liberal sprinkling of Flor de Sal with oregano to some roast vegetables. I was introduced to the product when staying with my sister in the Algarve and have always brought it home for personal use, but at that moment it occurred to me that I should import it to the UK. I met Andrea, owner of Marisol, and like minded foodie through my sister. Andrea is passionate about the quality of her traditionally harvested Flor de Sal, and together we created three amazing blends, using Portuguese herbs and peppers to offer in addition to her pure, delicate flakes of plain Flor de Sal.’